You are welcome to submit a paper for oral presentation or a poster on any area related to applications or methodologies in Business Analytics, including but not limited to:

·       Predictive Analytics for Business Decision Making
·       Prescriptive Analytics and Optimization Techniques
·       Data Mining and Pattern Recognition in Business
·       Machine Learning Applications in Operations Research
·       Big Data Analytics for Business Insights
·       Supply Chain Analytics and Optimization
·       Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management
·       Customer Segmentation and Personalization
·       Marketing Analytics and Campaign Optimization
·       Social Media Analytics for Business Insights
·       Fraud Detection and Risk Management
·       Financial Analytics and Portfolio Management
·       Healthcare Analytics and Patient Outcome Prediction
·       Energy Consumption Analysis and Optimization
·       Text and Sentiment Analysis for Customer Feedback
·       Retail Analytics and Price Optimization
·       Manufacturing Process Optimization
·       Transportation and Logistics Optimization
·       Network Analysis for Supply Chain Efficiency
·       Decision Support Systems for Executives
·       Business Intelligence and Visualization
·       Revenue Management and Pricing Strategies
·       Human Resources Analytics and Talent Management
·       Sentiment Analysis in Market Research
·       Customer Churn Prediction and Retention Strategies
·       Real-time Analytics for Business Operations
·       Simulation and Modelling in Operations Research
·       Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Business
·       Environmental Sustainability Analytics
·       IoT Data Analytics for Business Applications
·       Data Visualization for Business Insights
·       Quality Control and Six Sigma Analysis
·       Project Management Analytics
·       Data Ethics and Privacy in Business Analytics
·       Healthcare Operations Optimization
·       Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis
·       Revenue Forecasting and Budgeting
·       Machine Learning Interpretability in Business
·       Process Improvement through Lean Analytics